The Flash Profile, Power, and Enemy

Agan Hallo ... Because I love superhero movies I will make a post about a superhero. Well this time I will post a superhero named The flash why the flash ?, because she quickly as his name and I like speed.

The Flash Profile, Power and Enemy
the flash
The flash is artificial Studio Superhero Comics Already famous of DC Comic, The Flash character created by comic superhero named Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert. Comic the flash first appeared on the ladder 1 January 1940.

The Flash has many other names such as "Scarlet Spedster, Crimson comet, The Blur and the Streak but the most famous remains The Flash. The Flash means heartbeat, called the Flash Because he can run very fast and can only be seen the flash only.

The Flash is a human Meta that is, those who have powers as a result of current particle accelerator experiments exploded.

People who become superheroes The flash there is more than one, but the most famous is Barry Allen. Barry Allen is a police officer on duty at the Central City part of the investigation, he was in charge of investigating the evidence in the event of a case.

 Barry became The Flash because he was hit by a bolt of lightning that have dark matter while working in his office. The lightning strikes have dark matter that has power because it comes from a particle accelerator experiment results. So when out of the coma for nine months, he can run very fast. When running, the body will release red colored lightning.

Besides Barry allen people who became The Flash among others Jay Garrick (He was the flash of the first and original), Wally west (She is the sister-in-law Barry and the title is The Kid Flash), Bart Allen (He is the son of Barry allen the married with Irist West and the title also The Kid Flash, just as Wally west).

The abilities possessed The flash among others:

1. The Flash can run very fast, can even reach the speed of light.

2. The Flash has kemapuan regenerate very quickly because the cells are moving so fast that when he was injured, The Flash can heal quickly so The Flash is very hard to beat.

3. The Flash to create a tornado, tornadoes The flash made by turning his hand like a fan but with extraordinary speed faster so they can throw anything and with the wind, the Flash could easily extinguish the fire by turning round wind.

4. The Flash can throw lightning to knock out his opponent. He will run on a rotating basis to collect lightning in his body, and when old enough and being in the right corner then he will throw the lightning bolt towards his opponent.

5. The Flash has a very powerful punch called Supersonic Punch, The flash can do this after her square off a few miles and at that time he would run as fast as possible towards his opponent and when it's close to his opponent the flahs going to punch his opponent with strength powerful speed boost. The blow shattered the power is very strong because it can knock out an opponent instantly.

supersonic punch flash
the flash when hit Grood with supersonic punch

6. Can manipulate time, which means The Flash can go into the past and future. This happens if the flash was running very fast, like the speed of light and the speed of light and kinetic energy resulting from runoff is then the flahs can destroy the barrier between the room and the time of the borders can be bypassed so the flash can go back in time lau or future , When running the flash too often inadvertently destroy the barrier between time and space so that he was thrown into a time that is not the time where he came from.

7. The Flash can move dimensions, same as above manipulate time, I was so fast the flash can move to move dimension contonhya he could move to the roar of the sky just by running.

8. The flash can change his voice to avoid being recognized by vibrating his vocal cords in addition he can also vibrate her so quickly that she can impale an opponent simply by hand and open the locked door with ease.

9. Mirages speed, the flash can create the illusion of speed as if he were there numerous similar bunsin naruto but actually it is just a trick our eyes only because the flash moving so fast that he can confuse his opponent.

Colleagues The Flash

The Flash has many colleagues who helped fight crime in Central City, but those closest to him are:

1. Dr. Harrison Wells, he who makes metahuman he also makes barry became The Flash but actually he is Eobard Thawne disguise. Eobard Thawne is Reverse Flash which is the main enemy of the flash.

2. Cisco Ramon, He is ilmuaan genius. It was he who made costumes anti friction for The Flash and he also advanced equipment maker to help the flash defeat his enemies. Cisco is also a metahuman called Vibe.

3. Dr. Caitlin Snow is a biochemist she memantu body kodisi the flash and helps increase the strength of the flash. Caitlin snow will be the Killer frost.

4. Joe west, Joe is the adoptive father Barry allen he was police in the central city of encouragement barry allen him and the flash often act together to defeat the enemy.

5. Irist west, Irist was the son of joe west, he was a great journalist who often writes everything about the flash. Later Irist will be the wife of Barry Allen.

Enemies of The Flash

The main enemy of the flash is Reverse Flash (Opposite Of The flash) to this figure I'll discuss it another time substantially reverse this flash is the one who named Eobard Thawne was he who killed the mother Barry Allen but he also Makes Barry of The Flash. He's a speedster with a running speed is even more powerful than the flash. In addition to Reverse flash, the flash another enemy is the evil metahuman explosive results akselelator particles such as Dr. Zoom, Hunter Zolomon, Nimbuzz, Shawna, Red eye, Grood (gorilla super) and other enemies nonmetahuman ordinary human means but have the weapons and abilities are superb as Captain Cold, Heatwave and The Trikster.
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